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Course Catalog

Class Cost Instructor Length
Line Producer

A Line Producer is quite possibly the most important person on a film. Understanding how everything truly comes together is essential in understanding the business. This class provides a holistic view of how locations, cars, budgets, and all else is decided upon. It is a necessity for anyone that wants to be a line producer, producer, director, or work in any other capacity in production.
$195 Kris Sheets 1 mo
Talent Agent

Talent Agents must understand every facet of show business. From dealing with egos, to negotiating salaries, this class provides an indepth look at actors, studios, producers, casting, and how to begin and sustain a career as a talent agent. This class is also a must for actors, managers, directors, and producers.
$195 Carolyn Thompson Goldstein 1 mo
Film Screenwriting

Working as a professional feature film screenwriter demands an understanding of development, rewrites, genres, marketability, drafts, studios, unions, and much more. This class provides a thorough explanation of all you need to know in comprehending the unique business of being a professional feature film screenwriter.
$195 Jeffrey Reddick 1 mo
Television Writing

Understanding formats, commercial breaks, dialogue, screenwriting software, characters, The Writers Room, and studios are among the expansive list of items needed to break into the business as a television writer. Upon completion of this course you will understand the various components associated with television writing and how to proceed toward becoming a professional television writer.
$195 Ilunga Adell 1 mo
Casting Director

In the realm of casting, there are so many processes from casting industrials, television, and film to meeting with actors, reading scripts, and negotiating with producers. This class is for anyone planning to work within the casting profession and also gives tremendous perspective to anyone that wants to enter the entertainment industry. In addition to casting agents, it is recommended for actors, talent agents, managers, producers, and all others that work in conjunction with the casting process.
$195 Toni Suttie 1 mo
Make-up Artist

This class is essential for anyone that aspires to be a makeup artist professionally or otherwise. It is vital to understanding business, protocol, how to network, and how to create and seize opportunities. Upon completing this course, you will understand how best to take your job as a makeup artist and transform it into a money earning career.
$195 Patty Bunch 1 mo
Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Becoming a tremendous stylist takes hard work, social skills, timing, persistence, knowledge, and fabulous resources for clients. This class will take you within the unique world of fashion and style. You will gain the techniques and skills you must have to start and sustain a career as a stylist upon completion of this course.
$195 Tiffany Dean / Angela Dean 1 mo

Final Draft

For the last 20 years, nearly every film and television show has been scripted with Final Draft software. It is the #1-selling scriptwriting program for screenwriters, TV writers, playwrights, and writers of new media and serves as industry standard for scriptwriting. This course provides a full tutorial on how to use all facets of Final Draft.

$195 Alejandro Seri 1 mo

Final Draft Software

Final Draft software is the #1-selling scriptwriting program for screenwriters, TV writers, playwrights, and writers of new media and is also the industry standard for scriptwriting. It seamlessly formats your script as you type. Tab and Enter keys make formatting your script a snap, and More’s and Continued’s automatically appear at page breaks where needed. Join the ranks of Hollywood’s most notable writers and use your creative energy to focus on the content while Final Draft takes care of the style.

$185 N/A N/A

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Instructor Bios

Patty Bunch Makeup-Artist

As a two-time Emmy nominated make-up artist, Patty is in constant demand by producers, directors and network executives. She has been a contributing make-up expert for such magazines as Allure, In-Style, TIME, Teen Vogue, and W. Her personal clients include Hollywood stars’ Billy Crystal, Patricia Heaton, Geena Davis, Megan Mulally, and Reba McIntire. Patty has worked on over 50 television shows with Desperate Housewives, Who’s the Boss, Mike and Molly, Designing Women, Greek, $#*! My Dad Says, and, Will and Grace among her credits.

Also, Patty is a licensed esthetician and founder of APB (Agency Patty Bunch), a highly regarded networking agency for professional make-up artists. She has served as a Master Educator for MAC, Genie Beauty Products, and other top tier cosmetic companies. Patty has worked on many blockbuster films and extensively with film celebrities such as Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston.
Jeffrey Reddick Film Screenwriter

Jeffrey Reddick worked 12 years as an executive at New Line Cinema before rising to fame by creating the Final Destination film franchise that has spawned four sequels to date, grossing over $650 million. His entry into the film industry came after watching A Nightmare on Elm Street at age 14 and typing a 10-page prequel that he submitted to New Line Cinema. Though rejected, the submission started an ongoing relationship with then Chairman, Robert Shaye, and resulted in an internship.

Reddick is a member of the Writers Guild of America and has sold or optioned dozens of projects for film and television. Other credits include Lions Gate Entertainment’s teen thriller Tamara, the remake of the George Romero classic Day of the Dead, USA Networks’ Return to Cabin by the Lake, and, the supernatural TV series Near Death produced by Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Motion Pictures.

Reddick also served as a consulting producer on the TV series Dante’s Cove and is in development with a TV series for Cartoon Network.

Tiffany Dean Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Tiffany began her career as a Retail Merchandising Coordinator for high-end fashion brands DKNY, BCBG, Max Azria, and Guess by Marciano. She has quickly risen within the world of celebrity fashion styling over the last decade with a roster of such clients as Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan, and Tyrese Gibson. Also, she works with Emmy Award winning shows Modern Family and Hawaii 5.0, as well as with many high fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Maxim, British FHM, and Bride and Bloom.

Angela Dean Celebrity Fashion Designer

Viewed as an industry pioneer by the fashion community, Angela Dean has served as President of Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, where the exhibit The Era of Entertainment was created to preserve garments she made for Hollywood elite.

She has created looks that have been worn by an extraordinary list of clients. Among them are Madonna, Halle Berry, Patti Labelle, Priscilla Presley, Monique, Mary J. Blige, Magic Johnson, Paris Hilton, and Oprah Winfrey. Her creations too have graced magazine covers, awards shows, and CD covers such as, the 30th Anniversary Essence magazine cover which represented the highest selling issue in the magazine’s history, Natalie Cole’s gown worn on the cover of her Grammy award winning album, Unforgettable, and numerous gowns for actress Latonya Richardson’s Academy Awards appearances.

Toni Suttie Casting Director

As President of Integrity Casting, Toni Suttie has over 25 years experience in Hollywood castings. With over 250 feature film, commercial, television, industrial, live event, and trade show castings, she has become a sought after expert for workshops, lectures, and speaking engagements around the country. Toni is the writer of the book Slate Please: The Ultimate Actors Guide to Audition Preparation. She also has established the exclusive Elite Mentoring Program for actors.

Her credits include films such as Love Ranch (Joe Pesci, Helen Mirren), Beverly Hills Cop III (Eddie Murphy), and Made in America (Will Smith, Whoopi Goldberg). Corporate video castings include those for Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, IBM, and CompUSA and television castings for The Apprentice, Beverly Hills 90210, and Ellen DeGeneres Show. Toni has also produced and/or cast events for celebrity talent such as Carmen Electra, Andy Dick, Mario Van Peebles, and Pamela Anderson.
Ilunga Adell Television Writer

Ilunga has written and/or produced on many of the most renowned sitcoms in television history. Sanford and Son, 227, Married with Children, Different World, City Guys, My Brother and Me, and Moesha are among his credits. Illunga is a member of the Writers Guild of America.
Kris Sheets Line Producer

Kris is a member of the Directors Guild of America and has worked on over thirty films and television productions in a Producer or Unit Production Manager capacity. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film and has extensive experience working on Bollywood films, a subset of films in India.

Carolyn Thompson Goldstein Talent Agent

Carolyn has been a licensed SAG and AFTRA franchised talent agent representing talent for film, television, and commercials for over 26 years. Her clients have been on such television shows as Frazier, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, and Judging Amy. They have also been in films such as Antoine Fisher, 13 Going on 30, The Polar Express, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Bridge to Terabithia, Wizards of Waverly Place, and You Got Served.

Featured Expert: Raquel Osborne Extras Casting Director

With a career that extends over twenty years, Raquel has credits on such films as Don Juan Demarco (Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando), American Beauty (Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening), and Doctor Dolittle (Eddie Murphy, Ossie Davis). Her television castings have been for hit shows such as The Practice and 24.

Alejandro Seri Final Draft Instructor

Alejandro Seri is an award-winning, bilingual screenwriter and director. Alejandro joined Final Draft, Inc., maker of the world's number one professional scriptwriting software, in 2007 as the Marketing & Communications Director for both Final Draft, Inc. and Script magazine. He has served as Final Draft, Inc.'s Director of Educational Relations & Marketing since 2011. Alejandro teaches screenwriting and Final Draft tech classes online, in universities and at conferences and festivals.

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Course Experience

  • Each online course is 100% online.
  • Courses include engaging videos with industry experts, supplemental movies or books, active discussion boards, and networking opportunities with students and other working professionals in the entertainment industry
  • Personal Action Plan Workbooks are provided with each course; students walk away having documented their personal action plans and take-aways learned throughout each course
  • Exercises are housed within the courses and provide students the opportunity to test their skills within the entertainment industry


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